Our accordion gate selections include vinyl-laminated finishes, clear or bronze acrylic panels, or hardwood. Metal gates are available in solid or perforated accordion.

Vinyl Gates

The examples below show the vinyl-laminated finishes for our accordion gates.

Gate - Vinyl - WhiteWhite
Gate - Vinyl - ChalkChalk
Gate - Vinyl - Natural OakNatural Oak
Gate - Vinyl - Light OakLight Oak


Acrylic Gates

Acrylic accordion gates come in clear or bronze.  Acrylic gates can also be mixed with vinyl-laminated finishes to create a luxurious look.  In the example below you’ll see maple  combined with 3-panel clear acrylic and another example showing light oak with 3-panel bronze acrylic.

Gate - Acrylic - BronzeBronze Acrylic
Gate - Acrylic - ClearClear Acrylic
Gate - Acrylic - Maple with 3-panel Clear AcrylicMaple with 3-Panel Clear Acrylic
Gate - Acrylic - Light OakLight Oak with 3-Panel Bronze Acrylic


Metal Gates

Metal gates are available in solid, perforated accordion or collapsible.

Gate - Alumifold - Bronze PerfBronze Perforated
Gate - Alumifold - SolidAluminum Solid


Hardwood Gates

Hardwood available only as solid panels.

Gate - Hardwood - BirchBirch Hardwood