Ensure Safe Home Elevator Operation for Family and Guests

As a home elevator company, we know our products carry your most precious cargo – your family and friends. Your safety is our top priority. We focus on developing the safest products on the market.

As a homeowner, you have the responsibility to maintain your residential elevator with regular maintenance and annual inspections. Please follow all safety guidelines to avoid injury.

Entrapment Space

Check the area between the hoistway door and the hoistway edge of the home elevator’s landing sill to ensure the gap space is in compliance with applicable safety code. If that gap space is more than 3″, it is not in compliance and may create an unsafe entrapment space between the elevator gate and hoistway door.

Space Guards

Fox Valley Elevator offers wooden and polycarbonate space guards to reduce the entrapment area to meet the current national ASME A17.1 code. By reducing the car sill area, these customized space guards greatly reduce the risk of serious injury and death.

Our space guards can be made of wood to match your elevator interior or clear polycarbonate so you can still view your existing door finish.

Fox Valley Elevator Company Wood Space Guards for Home Elevator
Waupaca Elevator Company Polycarbonate Space Guards for Home Elevator

Tips For Safe Home Elevator Use

  • Ensure your home elevator meets all national, state and local code.
  • Use an Authorized Fox Valley Elevator dealer for all routine service and repairs.
  • Schedule your annual maintenance and safety inspection with an Authorized Fox Valley Elevator dealer.
  • Stay informed about building code updates.
  • ALWAYS supervise children and pets near your elevator and never allow them to use the elevator unattended.

Home Elevator Safety in Vacation Rentals

As a property owner, you are responsible for ensuring your home elevator is compliant with all building codes and is safe for use. The United States Consumer Product Safety Commission issued a press release focusing on dangerous home elevator gaps in vacation rental homes. To avoid this risk, it is imperative that you check your elevator for gaps and add space guards if needed.

Learn more about Space Guard Requirements and updated ASME A17.1 Code.