dumbwaiter-kitchenAdd Convenience to Your Home or Business

A Fox Valley dumbwaiter is the perfect solution to enhance the utility of any multi-level home or commercial building. Fox Valley’s dumbwaiter systems provide convenience, economy and design flexibility for your project.

Our dumbwaiters are made in the USA and engineered for trouble-free performance using high quality materials and reliable control systems.

What do you get with a Fox Valley Dumbwaiter?

  • Simplified vertical transport in multi-floor applications
  • Design flexibility for new construction or retrofit projects
  • Comprehensive drawings for your builder or architect
  • Solutions that simplify the installation process
  • Custom car sizes built to meet specific lift needs
  • Residential units with net lift capacities of 100 or 200-pounds
  • Commercial units with net lift capacities of 300 or 500-pounds
  • Units backed by more than 50 years of industry expertise