210-Color-IllusIdeal As a Small Elevator For the Home

For those looking for a small residential elevator, The Custom Lift Drive System 210 Series easily fits in a compact space. This personal elevator features a modular design built on a C Rail System and uses winding drum technology for stress-free reliability. Customize this small elevator to match the style of your home. Find a dealer near you and learn more.

The Custom-Lift® is our economy model. It has a long history of dependability and versatility. With a variety of sheave and machine room layouts, the Custom-Lift elevator is suited to new construction or a remodeling project. Choose your elevator car from our beautiful standard collection.


  • Capacity -500 lbs.
  • Cab Size – maximum of 12 sq. ft.
  • Travel – up to 50 ft.
  • Stops – up to 6 stops
  • Nominal Speed – 30 feet per minute
  • Guide Rail – 3/16″ steel channel
  • Pit Depth – 6″ minimum required
  • Overhead – 12″ minimum overhead clearance required above the cab’s inside dimension height

Electric Supply – 230 volts, single phase, 60 hertz. For 208 volts, single phase, a Buck Boost transformer must be added. A separate 120-volt circuit is required for cab lighting.

Controls – fully automatic at car and landings, car light switch, emergency stop switch, in/use indicator at landings.

Drive – single speed, 2HP, instant reversing.

Gearbox – high-ratio, direct mounted and coupled.

Drum – single drum with outboard bearing.

Brake – electrically released, spring applied.

Signal Systems – wall mount phone jack, emergency alarm.

Emergency Lowering – manual hand wheel.

Slack Cable/Broken Rope – twin instantaneous, broken and slack cable applied by retained compression spring.

Car – Frameless car with accordion gate.

Additional Options – are available, for details contact your local dealer

* Contact your dealer for exact specifications for any of these models or for a complete spec sheet. Click here to find your nearest dealer.